Friday, September 7, 2007

2 fer 1

Two memes that is.

First Cami asked me to share with y'all (I don't really use that word when speaking, just typing) seven songs that I'm SINGING right now. I take the work singing loosely. Because I can't sing for nothing. Even my kids warn that I should never go on American Idol (because I guess they think that's a dream of mine). I have VERY eclectic tastes in music, so here goes:

1. Big Girls Don't Cry, by Fergie. I love this song. Don't know why. But, I love to sing it in the car. IF (captial, bold IF) I was to sing karaoke, this would be the song.

2. This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race , by Fall Out Boy. And yes, I do know the words, I looked them up.

3. She Wolf, by Megadeth. Megadeth is my favorite rock band. Cryptic Writings is my favorite album.

4. Ain't My Bitch, by Metallica. I know, hard core Metallica fans don't like Load and Reload, but they're my faves. I like almost every song on both of them. My husband thinks it's funny to play this song for me and it gets stuck in my head.

5. Stealing Society, by System of a Down. I used to hate System of a Down, but once I actually understood a little (although I still don't know what terra cota pie is) I liked them better. This song is in my head because we saw a puppet show over the weekend that actually used System of a Down music! And hubby had to pull out the CD afterward for a listen.

6. All Fired Up, by Pat Benatar. This is my favorite Benatar song. And I usually listen on my ipod while I'm walking. I have a hard time trying to hold in my howling singing when in public.

7. Regulate, by Warren G. This is the thug in me. I loved this song when it first came out and I still do. I listen to this one on my nightly walks too.

Now, I ask Ingrid, Corey (who I know sings some karaoke) and Sara what's floating around in your head? What do you belt out? Let's hear it!


And Papaya Mom has tagged me for the Nonsense Meme

1. Copy and paste the story below, and the rules, on your blog.
2. Find out who you’re going to tag. (2-3 people, or more, if you wish)
3. Write one or two sentences to continue the story, and use the titles of the blogs you’re tagging or any word(s) associated with them as keywords in the links you include in your part of the story.
4. Remember to tell your taggees that you’ve tagged them!
5. Feel free to use this and start your own viral link story. I’d very much appreciate a link back to Mother’s Home! if you do. (Or a tag, if you prefer!)

The story is below. The last paragraph is mine and it has links to the 9 friends I have chosen. If you got tagged, feel free to do the meme or not. It could be fun, if you decide to continue the nonsense story.

Here’s the beginning:Mother’s Home! the cave troll yelled. I have been out all day strangling chickens like CRAZY! for the evil Empress. All i want now is a MOment to myself, but i keep getting Linda talking Drivel, but that is better than a certain someone Mooing. Then suddenly what should appear but the NOT evil Empress and all her strangled chickens and Mags cooked them all up and made us a lovely cake to eat. Gracie wanted all the cake for herself but the NOT evil Empress was able to hack off a good sized slab for herself!!! Ha ha ha, Gracie belched loudly after eating all the scrumptious cake that Mags had baked and watched Callie scrappin’ with Sarge about who was gonna win Big Brother 8. Sarge started humming “Dixie,” and almost choked on the bite of cake in his mouth! So he got some coffee to go to wash down the cake. The coffee helped a bit but he had to vocalize before he started singing again so he began, “Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi…”

…who heard him all the way from Bloggingham Palace and said, “Where is that awful noise coming from? Is there a sick wailing Wacky Mom loose in the woods?” She said, “I’ll bet Songbird can teach him to sing!” but she was busy BONDing in the desert with Kathleen who sat writing heresy in her diary. She was absolutely no help. So Mi-Mi asked Kat to put him on the PP&P list to save his sorry soul. Alas, Ralph the Airhead made a new batch but the Patti-cakes fell in Polliwog’s Pond and nobody got to eat cake after all! It was all Bee’s fault (somehow). Feeling sorry for herself, she pranced over to Odat’s for a dance but she only heard strange mumbling…
That mumbling, however, resulted from The Alien Next Door trying to clone Justin Stanely’s Weblog. The meticulous and risky cloning occurred throughout several millennia, past, present, and future. Or so it seemed; no one could keep count. It was just too much. The mind-numbing years had finally sublimed the earth into a pristine Bobbarama. All well and good, said Bob, but whatever happened to the rules? Before anyone got hurt, however, enough stars fell and crashed to alert Sci-Fi Girl, who grabbed her laptop and returned to the woods, where Mimi’s Dating Profile popped up, allowing a lion to lie happily next to a lamb…

Now, the insane writer burst into the forest, kissing the dogwood and sat on the lion, spinning tales about sci-fi girl’s boyfriend, sci-fi guy, who had his eye on [her] DNA, which he was hoping to sell for anything goes. But just then the mad goat lady and the drowsey monkey pranced into the forest and sang a truly quiet symphony, which annoyed the insane writer.
“What’s that funky sound?” screamed sci-fi guy.

“Well, it sure isn’t a raspberry-latte!” grumbled the insane writer. “Get a grip, sci-fi guy! You’re my main character! I expect you to know how to split an atom! Ignore that woman and her indolent pet! Now, go and do your dastardly thing!”

Kissing the dogwood had been a lure, a trap set by the Mighty Morgan to take control of the BlogWood. Those petulant witches disguised as writers must be eradicated, them and their man slaves. She stuck her talons into the lion with A Twist and a Skewer till it rolled over and laughingly pleaded to go back to Neverland where it had been extremely happy. Her faithful followers, the Gargons grouped around her skirt folds, drooling and kissing her hem in adoration. “Here, take this poison” she commanded, “why? (asked) paisley“, the only rebel in the camp. “To blight their computers my little friends, it’s a special potion A Bit of This and a Dash of the Other“…she smiled mysteriously in her best Mae West accent and set off in search of the Englebert Humperdink Fan Club.

Well they searched all over boricua in texas….till they found just write road… aha this was the place… if they could just get in the front row,, surely that was the place that screamed “flash your knickers here“… and oh yes… they would… in doing so they could only hope to distract the masses long enough for the twisted sisters to sneak in with the special potion they had cooked up………

But the potion did not work. They were missing the secret ingredient… Papaya!!! There was no use hiding in public. Off they went in search of an abyss to gaze into, for they had heard the place was haunted and they could find Pyreflies there. Picking up pieces of somebody else’s memories was a habit they enjoyed very much. Live and love!

The new memories straight from the mouths of babes were the ideal target - they were so much fun. The Gargons started to get dizzy as they gazed through the looking glass in search of the right abyss that would be full of little nurslings. Suddenly the world began to spin and they fell down, the only sound was the sorta crunchy fall leaves crunching below their backs, and if no one was there to hear it - did the sound even exist? If these Gargons had any hope of surviving they would have to pull away from the peaceful nap that the spell was laying around their tiny little minds and run for their lives to Cafe ala Mode where the Fairytale Godmother kept her super secret brew hidden behind pots in the dark deep industrial kitchen (next to the MSG). It was their only chance to break the spell that held them in her control.

When they arrived, the Fairytale Godmother was in her kitchen whipping up a brew. It was one to wake a sleeping prince. It seems that someone had switched the roles in the famous princess tale. When she was done she went to work on the secret brew for the Gargons. But, she had a question, brown or gray for the bottle? It was quite a loaded question. The could not agree. It was quite the dilemma, indeed! The decided to go with the gray, which was definitely the wrong decision because.....


Becky C. said...

Of topic, but wanted to let you know I was absolutely mortified by what those women were saying about the Southwest Airlines incident. It was not only stupid, but as women, they should be ashamed of themselves.

I kicked a little butt, and probably got some more people mad at me:)


sfgirl said...

Great nonsense! I just love where this story is going!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh thanks Lori.

This looks fab. Also I've lonked to you as I think you're fab. Hope that's ok. :-)

kouredios said...

Question: How do I copy and paste and keep all the links intact? If I can't, this will be an awful lot of work. :(

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BOSSY said...

Bossy fears that Memes are the new Anthrax.