Friday, June 29, 2007


Mandy has tagged me!

ON THIS DAY - Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (only the month and day). Choose and write down 3 events, 2 births and 1 holiday. Then tag 5 friends.

1909 - Alice Huyler Ramsey, a 22-year-old housewife and mother from Hackensack, New Jersey, became the first woman to drive across the United States. With three female companions, none of whom could drive a car, for fifty-nine days she drove a Maxwell automobile the 3,800 miles from Manhattan, New York, to San Francisco, California.

Wouldn't that be fun? I'd love to throw three of my friends in the car and drive cross country! Oh the trouble we'd get in.

1934 - Donald Duck debuts in The Wise Little Hen.

Donald is my husband's favorite cartoon character!

1978 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opens the priesthood to "all worthy men", ending a 148-year-old policy excluding black men.

It's about freakin time! Although I don't think I've seen many black Mormon priests.

1983 - Alektra Blue, American porn star
I believe they got the date wrong. I was born in 1975!

1963 - Johnny Depp, American actor
We ARE soul mates!

1956 - Patricia Cornwell, American author
My absolute favorite author!

The only holiday
Roman Empire paganism - third day of the Vestalia in honor of the goddess Vesta

Our NEW family bed

We have a NEW family bed. And let me tell you, I'm super excited. It means that mommy can finally get some sleep and daddy can finally get some alone time with mommy (wink, wink).

As most of you know, Xander has NEVER slept in his crib. Ever. He hated it. He coslept with us until his baby sister came along. It was just easier. We tried everything, but he just wanted us. That's ok, except mommy doesn't sleep very well when she's crowded. And Xander thinks that you sleep on a bed in the horizontal position. But, we dealt with it for 1 1/2 years.

When it was time for Jocelyn to come we convinced him that the bottom bunk in Robert's room would be a GREAT place to sleep. It took a lot of cajoling, but he finally tried it. It's gone ok. Some nights are better than others. Sometimes he comes in our room, sometimes it takes an hour to get him to stay in his room, other nights he goes right in and stays all night.

Jocelyn on the other hand HATED cosleeping as a baby. Even when she was breastfed. She did not want to be touched or held (must have gotten that from me) when she was sleeping. She was a WONDERFUL sleeper. We'd put her in the crib wide awake and she'd go right to sleep.

Then seperation anxiety hit. And she did a complete 180. Night and day difference. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy have gotten used to having their bed back. But, of course, we let her in. But, she's a squirmy little bug. And she likes to throw her butt around. Literally! She gets up on her knees (in her sleep) and throws her butt to the side. Over and over and over. All night long. It drives me crazy!

It was ok when daddy worked midnights. There was enough room in the bed that she could do her "butt flops" all night long. Now, daddy is on day shift and someone is always getting hit by that little butt. We've been taking turns sleeping with her in the queen size bed in her room. But, mommy and daddy miss each other.

So, we decided to put the two little stinkers together. By themselves! And let me tell you, they love it, we love it and four people are sleeping well! I want to take a picture of them all cuddled up together, but I'm afraid, very afraid, that I'll wake them. But, it's the cutest thing to see them all snuggled up together. And it works!

I know we'll have to break the habit someday (or else people will think we're REALLY strange for letting a sister and brother sleep together), but it works for now. When you have six people in the house you'll do anything to ensure a good nights sleep!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Three things I want my kids to...

Jordan is sponsoring another Group Writing Project. These are a lot of fun! It's interesting seeing what a different take everyone has. This time we have to fill in the blank, Three things I want my kids to...

Three things I want my kids to experience before they move out of the house:

1. Cape Cod- I have such wonderful memories of spending summer in Cape Cod. Every single year we'd drive from NY to Cape Cod. My parents and brothers and aunt and uncle and cousins. We'd rent a big house right on the beach. We'd go swimming and biking and boating. Those are some of my favorite memories. I'd like my kids to experience that at least one time before they leave my nest.

2. NY- The place I grew up. Unfortunately I haven't been back in years. It takes a lot of money to fly six people across the country. While a lot of my family has relocated, we still have some relatives back in NY. And I'd like my kids to see the school I went to and the park that I played at.

3. Canada- I remember going to Canada all the time when we lived in NY. It was an adventure. Sometimes Niagara Falls, sometimes Toronto. I first saw Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, what an experience. I'd love for my children to see what Canada is like. To them it's just another place very far away. We now live on the other border.

Maybe one summer we'll head off for two to three weeks and catch them all. That would be a blast! We all love to travel. It's so much fun to see new places. And I'd love to see my kids in a new place that is "old" to me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great contest!

As you saw from my past post, I am a sling whore! I need one for every outfit and occassion. I actually found a few more floating around after I posted!

Here is a great contest from Adventures in Babywearing for a solarveil ring sling. I have a solarveil MT that I love, but since I love ring slings, this would be great!

It's from KimzKreations. I may just have to buy one if I don't win one!

Picture Wednesday!

The boys checking out the area.
Jocelyn's first s'mores.
J and her daddy.
Xander LIKES s'mores.

Hanging out by the fire.
I cannot believe I posted a pic w/ no makeup on a public blog!
Wearing a lizard.
J too. Although she wanted to eat it.
My boys!

Hanging out w/ nature. He was in Heaven!

Starting a "Survivor" fire. She almost did it!
My cutie! I wish she wasn't in the shadows.

Eating rocks. Her favorite part of camping.
Hanging out in the tent.
Might this be a Christmas card?
Washing their bums.


I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long! My faithful readers have probably thought that I've disappeared from the face of the Earth! It actuality, we went camping for four days and then I had two days of training for work, then one sick baby and four kids home for the summer, so my ME time has been sparse. But, never fear, I will update today!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Babywearing Photo Tag

This one is right up my alley! Whitney is hosting a Babywearing photo tag.

She wants us to share three things:

1) Your favorite babywearing photo (and if there’s a connected story)

2) How you got hooked on babywearing

3) Your favorite way to wear your babe.

I have so many babywearing photos I don't know where to begin.

There's my first Hotsling:

My first Mei Tai (a Doodlebug)

My very favorite Solstice Hotsling

Big sister wearing her baby brother.

My very first Kozy (and oh, how it is)!

That very same Kozy on our camping trip.

My green silk ring sling that my friend Shannon made for me.

Robert with his very own ring sling.

Daddy wearing the Ergo. (Don't worry it was just around the cul de sac.)

Big brother passing the babywearing over to his teeny tiny sister.

My awful attempt at wrapping.

My little bean in the MT (camping again).

The newest Hotsling.

My favorite would probably be the one of Xander peeking in on his three day old sister. It was so sweet. Xander LOVED to be worn. I wore him up until I was about 7 months pregnant. He didn't ride in a stroller or shopping cart until then. Some days I'll still hitch him up in the MT! Jocelyn isn't as fond of being worn. She will tolerate it, but for much shorter periods of time. She would much rather get down and dirty with her sister and brothers.

Some of my online friends got me hooked on babywearing. Lisa B was the first one to sport an awesome looking MT. I asked her about it and she referred me to The Babywearer. It was a landslide downhill from there! Babywearing is one of the things that I wish I had known with my older two. It makes life SO much easier. Of course the slings are cute and fun, but they are WONDERFUL! Xander was such a high needs baby, if I didn't have a sling I think I would have gone crazy. I was able to cook, clean, sleep, you name it. It was wonderful. Now with two little ones it is even better. One can ride in the stroller or cart and the other can be worn. I have shared the love with lots of my friends. At first they think I'm some kind of weird hippie type. Once they started using their slings, though, they realized how awesome they are.

My favorite carrier is the ring sling. It's just so versatile and easy to use. My kids like to be on my hip or in front of me. We like the tummy to tummy carry the best for little babes and the hip carry best for bigger one.

BTW- To date we own 3 ring slings, 3 Hotslings, 1 mynestlings sling, 1 Kozy, 1 Babyhawk, I solarveil Kolamo and 1 Ergo.

C'mon and post your babywearing photos ladies! I know that most of the ladies on my blogroll babywear. Share the love!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Women I admire

Last night I got to thinking about some women that I truly admire. Not celebrities or even high profile people. Just ordinary every day women that inspire me to be a better person. Here are some of the ladies I came up with:

- The lady down the street with 12 children, ages 18-infant. I truly admire her. Her children are SO well behaved. They help out around the house and are courteous whenever we see them out and about. And she home schools all of them! I wish I had her wisdom and patience.

- The other lady down the street. Her husband is deaf. The have one biological child that has normal hearing. They have adopted a brother and sister from Ethiopia who are deaf. AND they are on their way to China to adopt a deaf little girl. What wonderful people to open their hearts and their home to these deserving children. They are so sweet too! Always waving hello on their afternoon family walks.

-My many friends that are military wives. Including: Kulia, Mandy, Niki, Grace, Cindi, Becky, Nikki and Jamie. You ladies are amazing! I don't know how you deal with your husbands being gone so often. And being in such a dangerous position. I truly admire your strength. I thank you and your families for all that you do for the rest of us.

-Women who go to school while raising children. I've tried and I just can't handle it. I admire those with the perseverance and the will to continue their hopes and dreams. Much like my friend Shannon. Not only is she going to school, she teaches and has a beautiful 2 year old!

- Women who work while raising children. Like Andrea, Corey, Ingrid and Corrina. I work part-time so I can claim partial credit. But, those that do it day in and day out while still maintaining a household are inspiring. Some days I think that I might go back to work full-time and just the thought causes panic attacks!

- Women who stay home to raise their children. Like Age, Devon, Emily, Helen, Julie, Keara, Mary Ann, Noah, Sara and Susan. Once again, I'm only home part-time. If I was home full time I do believe we'd only have two children. I don't know how SAHMs stay sane. I salute you!

-Single moms. I've been there done that. It's HARD! For those that do it, I salute you! You are wonderful to take on both the mother and father roles. You children will be that much stronger because of you.

-Women with special needs children. Like my remarkable friend Piper. I truly feel that you have been blessed. And that you have received these children because you CAN handle them. Others would turn and flee. Yet you all become the advocates for your children. You fight for them and struggle with them and cry with/for them and cheer for the smallest accomplishment. There is a special place in Heaven for you.

- Women who start their own businesses. I have considered it, but I don't think I have what it takes. I applaud women who break through the barriers and follow their hearts to start their own businesses. A few of my friends that I admire deeply are: Meghan, Ruthi, Jennifer, Yan.

- Teachers. Need I say more? Of course we've had our run ins with crappy teachers, but for the most part they are wonderful. Like Nichole and soon Amanda. During the school year they spend more awake hours with my children than I do. And if I can get annoyed at my four children after two hours, I can't even imagine what it's like for you! Thank you for shaping the future of our country. Thank you for caring enough!

- Women that know their faith and are strong in it. I have always been too lazy to completely understand Christianity. I was raised Christian, but haven't ever taken the time as an adult to truly understand. Some of my friends like Laura, Megan, Karen, Ruthi and Stephanie (who has yet to start a blog) give me such insight into their faith that it inspires me to take the time.

Summer Traditions

As part of a writing project sponsored by Scribbit

Where do I begin? We live in Arizona, so summer starts around February 21st. Seriously! But, the kids get off of school around Memorial Day. That's when summer officially begins.

We usually take a car ride over to Disneyland the first week of June. But, we have come to realize that this can be a really hot and humid time of year in California, too. So, this year we have chosen to mix things up a bit. We're camping in June and going to Disney in October. Hopefully it won't be too hot camping this weekend.

The biggest tradition of our summer involves the Fourth of July. My husband is from "Smalltown America" about 20 minutes from where we currently live. The have wonderful Fourth of July festivities that we have only missed once. (And I will NEVER do that again, we almost got divorced!)

The day starts out with a good ole parade. With horses and tractors and fire trucks and bands. It's really cool. The kids load up on the tons of candy that are thrown throughout the parade. Sometimes they get other interesting things- like Flavor Ice, paper airplanes, pinwheels. We usually hang out under the shade tree with the whole extended family.

Next everyone heads over to the Lions Park. Here local law enforcement and fire departments square off in a high power water fight, using fire hoses! Each team must try to move a buoy up on a wire to the other side. It's a round robin competition. And a sure fire hit with all of the hot kids that like to get soaked.

After a good soaking we all head to Grandma's house. Grandma lives centrally in town so this is the natural meeting place. This is the one holiday that EVERYONE attends. Cousins, aunts and uncles, some weird people that I hope to God we're NOT related to. Everyone brings something to eat and we all eat and relax and hang out and catch up. For some this is the only time we see them all year. (Sometimes that's a blessing.)

When the sun begins to set we all head back over to the Lions Park. The town band (can you believe the TOWN actually has a band, similar to the school band?) plays all sorts of traditional American music. The kids get out there and dance. The old timers clap and sing along. We all get a little teary when they play The Star Spangled Banner.

Once night falls we head out to the football field. Some on blankets, some in chairs, some on tops of cars. And we watch the spectacular fireworks (know as poppers in our house). T
his small town puts on a really good show. One year there was a fire danger so they couldn't do fireworks. That was DEPRESSING! Luckily they rescheduled for August, so all was good. Last year a monsoon hit us right after the fireworks. It POURED. People were running into the ramada and running for their cars. That will be the year that everyone talks about.

It's nice to see that some traditions like this remain. Living in the city and seeing how the world changes so quickly it's nice to go back to our roots and enjoy some good old fashioned family fun.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Interesting Social Trends

Here are a few things that I've seen recently on the news. They are very interesting to me. I guess I should have been an anthropologist because things like this really get me thinking.

Serial Monogamy
This concept is very interesting to me. It's been talked about more recently as people are living longer lives. It seems that back in "the day" people only lived until their 60's (if they were lucky). A marriage would last around 30 years. A good long time (if you ask me)! Now, people are living well into their 80's and 90's. It is not uncommon for people to be married for 30 years, then divorce and get married again for 20-30 years. It makes perfect sense. I've only been with my husband for 10 years and sometimes that seems like an eternity! Not that I'm trading him in anytime soon. We still enjoy each other's company and have things to talk about. I would say we are pretty equal partners in this relationship and family. But, I can totally see how people drift apart when their children grow up and move out. Leaving only the two of you day in and day out. I pray that this will never happen to us. It is interesting that people choose to get into another long term relationship. I think that if something were to happen to my husband or our marriage that I would NOT get into another long term relationship. It's a LOT of work. I'd probably just "play the field". At least I could mix things up and keep it interesting.

Another interesting item deals with
Starter Wives
The whole concept that a man marries a woman early on in his adulthood and career. She sees him through the good times, the bad times, possibly college. Usually they have some children that she helps raise. Then he has a "midlife crisis" and decides to trade her in for a younger model. A lot of times he leaves her high and dry and lives like a teenager again. I can totally see where these women want revenge! A lot of times they help put these men through school and help them start their careers. A lot of times they are there during the really bad times and the scary and risky times of starting a business and career. Then, right when the men feel their most confident and have reached their full potential they drop these women like a hot coal. They find a skinnier, prettier, younger model, who will put up with their arrogance and crap. My husband knows darn well that this will NOT be happening in our house. He likes to joke that when I turn 40 he's turning me in for two 20's. HA HA! I tell him that he won't have enough money to support his two 20's so he might as well not even bother. Of course, I really don't think he would. He's the more sentimental and sensitive of the two of us.

Picture Wednesday

The boys got along for more than 5 minutes!
The view from the hotel that my husband whisked me off to for my birthday.
Our self portrait on my birthday.
Two kids crashed out on their sister's bed.
Paper tastes good!
Do you know how long I've waited for this day! Piggies!
The girls playing Cranium at my surprise birthday party!
Someone found the good stuff!

Look at the progress of two weeks!
When alcohol and ladies mix!
Girl's Night Out!
Next time we need more people!

It seems that all I ever have time for is pictures! I guess it's because life is hectic in the summer with four kids home from school. And a husband who works graveyards. I promise to post more this week because I'm actually working three whole days! I hope I make it!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Picture Wednesday

Alright, for some reason Blogger doesn't like my pics. I've been trying for two days to post and this is the only one that shows up!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Oh, to be a child again and not fear all the risks of life!

I have been seriously contemplating my career path for the next few years, as you're already aware. While I'd love to become a midwife or open my own business, I know that I am not a risk taker and won't do it. I am too sensible and too conservative to risk all that money and time. How I wish that I was a single 20 something again. I would have my whole life ahead of me and I could make better choices with the knowledge I have now!

Not that I regret the path my life has taken. But, sometimes I am sad that I didn't take the opportunities that were presented to me at the time. I didn't realize that I wouldn't get those opportunities again. That sucks!

But, I have applied for a federal paralegal job that pays TONS more than I make now. With GREAT benefits and the ability to retire at age 52! The only downside- it's full time. I don't think I'm ready to go back to work full-time yet, so I'm sure they'll offer it to me!

We shall see.

And, faithful readers, don't worry I'll still post pics today!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Mom's Night Out!

Yay! The night has finally come! Tonight is Mom's Night Out. It's not really "out" for me because I'm hosting it. But, that's even better because I can get my drink on and don't have to worry about getting home.

See all of my recent posts have been of the "fairytales" theme. Well, now it's time for the "margaritas"!

I definitely cherish my Mom's Night Outs. They just don't happen often enough. Our last one was in December! And what a time we had! We stayed out until all hours of the night (meaning 11:00) and closed the bar down. Ok, it was a restaurant with a bar. But, we made lots of friends and sang loud songs and did some questionable shots. We even had some 50 year old men buy us a round! Good times!

I think it's really important for Mom's to continue to be women even after they have children. Yes, my children are 98% of my life, but I still need to be ME sometimes. And ME is a wild and crazy girl who likes fruity drinks and likes to dance and laugh and play games. Yes, games. My favorite being
Cranium. Quite possibly the best game ever!

My friend Corrina (pronounced Kor- IN- a) teases me about this. Every time I have people over I have the Cranium box out and ready. I vow that, "This time you guys are definitely playing." But, we have yet to play. Usually we get yapping and laughing and drinking and time gets away from us. They have no idea the fun they are missing!

So, I vow, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Prepare yourself ladies, because Cranium is in the house!