Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Heart my hot tub!

After all of the trials and tribulations and 6 months, yes, 6 months, of construction, we finally have our hot tub and the pool is scheduled to be done on the 14th. This very one (1044, except ours is a mottled white inside and gray on the outside).

I have never owned a hot tub. My family has always had a pool, but never a hot tub. I don't even really like them when we go to hotels. They are always stinky from chlorine and make me too hot. But, my husband wanted one and we figured we'd go for broke (literally) when we put in the pool.

I actually admitted to him last night that he was right. (Don't worry this is the only time this year that I'll do it. I do have SOME dignity.)

The thing is WONDERFUL! We don't make it super hot, just 99. It is Arizona you know. And it seems just right. Not too hot that I feel like my blood is boiling and not too cool at night. And we have a Nature O2 system that doesn't use chlorine. We've been in twice now and it's just heavenly. (As long as we go without the kids.)

The first time they were invited. Big mistake fun! They were climbing all over us. And trying to drown themselves. Miss J has no fear of water and the more times she's goes under the happier she is. She HATES to be held when in the water and that makes for an interesting time. Xander on the other hand wants to climb everything. The handles, the seats, the other people in the hot tub. We have come to realize that in order for it to have a relaxing effect we must visit after the kids are asleep.

Last night we put them to bed and got ourselves all suited up. (Yes, we wear our suits.) We got the baby monitor and a drink and our towels and headed out. We get in, me in the lounge section and Robert in "the captain's chair". We put the calming blue lights on and stared at the stars. All of a sudden I see a light on in the house. Robert gets out and goes inside. Minutes later he comes out with Mr. X trailing behind. Seems that someone could sense that Mommy and Daddy were enjoying the hot tub without him. So, he sat on the patio chair for a few minutes while we finished up and closed it down.

I have to say that this has been one of our best investments yet. It is so nice to sit and relax, or have some crazy family time. It's a bonding experience for us all. And it doesn't involve the TV or video games.

Many pictures soon to come!


Papaya Mom said...

Oh yes! We had our old one at 99 for pregnancy and never turned it back up - just nice and warm without that OW factor!

And Mr. X makes me laugh.

Mom in Sahuaritaville said...

Sounds so nice Lori.

Jeff & Lisa said...

Sounds like FUN! I'm thinkin' that's more then a gggooooddd time! I am going to have to start buggin' Jeff for one of those!

Bubblewench said...

That is awesome! I so want one.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'd love a hot tub.
And you have a pool?
I'd love a pool.
Can I come and live with you?

Nikki said...

Good post.