Thursday, August 16, 2007

If I Did It---IF, IF? C'mon!

So it looks as though the publisher is going ahead with OJ Simpson's book. The victim's families are at odds about whether the book should be published. The Goldman family says that the book is a confession to the murders and that the book shows that Ron was a hero and stayed to fight for Nicole. (And HOW DARE OJ CRITICIZE THEM!) The Brown family says that the Goldman's have only changed their minds because they will receive the profits and that they do not want OJ to get any more press. They don't want people talking about the murders again, for the sake of the children.

I don't know how I feel about the book. I 100% believe that OJ is GUILTY. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. But, I also think that the whole trial was a farce. Nothing was handled properly. If I was on that jury I don't know that I would have been able to convict. I'll give it to OJ that he hired some damn good lawyers. I think it's crappy that if he had been convicted he would have been able to appeal, but the state cannot get a second chance at a trial since he wasn't.

I feel for his children. But, I'm wondering if this book might be a good thing. Supposedly it's an out and out confession. Even the publisher admits that this is exactly what it is. Maybe those few people that think he's innocent will understand. And maybe his kids will KNOW (not just think it, but really know) that he killed their mother and want nothing to do with him, EVER.

But, I also think that he is an arrogant scumbag and this will just boost his sense of self. And it;s his way of saying HA to the whole world. He got away with murder and knows it and wants to flaunt it. I'm not cool with that at all. If I ever saw him in real life I'd probably spit on him. What a cruel, hateful man he is.

And, I cannot believe it was 13 years ago! It seems like just yesterday. How sad that the day of the verdict will forever be burned in my mind like some people have the first walk on the moon. Oh, how I wish I could forget that day. But, I was a Criminal Justice student at the time. And I hope and prayed that somehow justice would prevail and he would be sent away. I was CRUSHED when they said not guilty. Just crushed. I think I became more of a cynic that day. Some of the innocence of the world faded for me.


Amanda said...

I remember that day vivdly as well. I sat stunned in my car in the parking garage at work. Stunned.
C'mon, indeed!

Laura said...

I agree completely! The whole thing makes me a little sick. I don't think, though, that this book will ever change the minds of the people who believe in his innocence, unfortunately. If they can ignore everything else, they can probably pass this off as just his "hypothetical" theory. Grrr! And I share your worries that just brings more attention to a man who needs to just be ignored now, since apparently he'll never be brought to real justice.

Corey~living and loving said...

ummm yeah.....what a sick idea for a book. what a desparate plea for attention. DISGUSTING! I hate that so many will want to read it, just because they want to know what he says. It is like a train wreck...we can't look away. The nosey part of me wants to read it, but the bigger part of me want to put NO money in this man's pocket.

Emily said...

totally agree.....uggg!!!

Meghan said...

Oh, I know. Sick.

You've got to check this out ->

Meghan said...

Oops, just click this link.

Elizabeth F. said...

I completely agree! I think he's guilty and they should not publish this book.

Reminds me of the movie "The Fracture" with Anthony Hopkins that I watched last night. The guys was soooo guilty but got away with it. Our system just doesn't work.