Friday, June 29, 2007

Our NEW family bed

We have a NEW family bed. And let me tell you, I'm super excited. It means that mommy can finally get some sleep and daddy can finally get some alone time with mommy (wink, wink).

As most of you know, Xander has NEVER slept in his crib. Ever. He hated it. He coslept with us until his baby sister came along. It was just easier. We tried everything, but he just wanted us. That's ok, except mommy doesn't sleep very well when she's crowded. And Xander thinks that you sleep on a bed in the horizontal position. But, we dealt with it for 1 1/2 years.

When it was time for Jocelyn to come we convinced him that the bottom bunk in Robert's room would be a GREAT place to sleep. It took a lot of cajoling, but he finally tried it. It's gone ok. Some nights are better than others. Sometimes he comes in our room, sometimes it takes an hour to get him to stay in his room, other nights he goes right in and stays all night.

Jocelyn on the other hand HATED cosleeping as a baby. Even when she was breastfed. She did not want to be touched or held (must have gotten that from me) when she was sleeping. She was a WONDERFUL sleeper. We'd put her in the crib wide awake and she'd go right to sleep.

Then seperation anxiety hit. And she did a complete 180. Night and day difference. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy have gotten used to having their bed back. But, of course, we let her in. But, she's a squirmy little bug. And she likes to throw her butt around. Literally! She gets up on her knees (in her sleep) and throws her butt to the side. Over and over and over. All night long. It drives me crazy!

It was ok when daddy worked midnights. There was enough room in the bed that she could do her "butt flops" all night long. Now, daddy is on day shift and someone is always getting hit by that little butt. We've been taking turns sleeping with her in the queen size bed in her room. But, mommy and daddy miss each other.

So, we decided to put the two little stinkers together. By themselves! And let me tell you, they love it, we love it and four people are sleeping well! I want to take a picture of them all cuddled up together, but I'm afraid, very afraid, that I'll wake them. But, it's the cutest thing to see them all snuggled up together. And it works!

I know we'll have to break the habit someday (or else people will think we're REALLY strange for letting a sister and brother sleep together), but it works for now. When you have six people in the house you'll do anything to ensure a good nights sleep!


Elizabeth F. said...

What a great idea. I'm surprised that they don't keep each other awake. WE've tried to talk our almost 2 yr. old into sleeping with big brother Xander and it lasted for about 2 mins.

Oh, but you have to get a good pic of that. SO cute! And, I would say not to worry about the habit thing. When they get old enough they'll be getting on each others nerves and won't want to sleep together anymore. My son and daughter fight all of the time and have the boys vs. girls war! LOL!

Ingrid said...

I loved this post! You always make me smile, Lori.

Isabel still cosleeps with us, and she likes to do the horizontal thing too. So even on a king size bed, sometimes Gabe and I are squished. And I miss our alone time. But Isabel refuses to sleep by herself.

That is why we just put together Gabe's old bed (a full size) and bought a mattress set last weekend. I am eliminating the game room and giving each girl their own bedroom. Gabe's old bed will go in Paula's room so both girls can sleep in it if Isabel doesn't want to sleep alone.

Meghan said...

And Xander thinks that you sleep on a bed in the horizontal position.

HA! Our Xander thinks that's how you sleep, too.

Hence, he's in the crib come hell or highwater these days, lmfao!

kouredios said...

Ah, who cares what people think! I love the idea of cosleeping sibs! <3

Stephanie said...

That absolutely MELTS MY HEART to picture them sleeping together. Please, please, please sneak a picture for us!

And I'm with Shannon - who cares?!

Amanda said...

That has to be incredibly sweet! Gillian loves to sleep on Josh's bunkbeds. OK, so they aren't together together, but they are in the same room alot and love it!

Way to go - and yes, we need pics...

Mary Ann said...

I want to see a picture too. How adorable.

DH and I had company last night so we had to sleep in our double (instead of queen) bed. Sometime in the middle of the night, DH brought Sam in bed with us. Normally I don't notice him in the queen, but last night he must of woken me up 20 times! He flings around all night now! I'm glad you all worked it out the best for you. I'll do anything to get sleep!

Corey~living and loving said...

Sounds like a Perfect solution to me. and I would love to see a picture also, but I understand you fear. I just this spring got my first sleeping picture of Kenna in over a year.

Laura said...

What a great idea! And it sounds SO adorable!

Nichole said...

Oh how sweet!!!! It makes me laugh to picture one sleeping horizontally and the other doing butt flops all night, lol!!! And yes... a picture is a must!!