Friday, June 29, 2007


Mandy has tagged me!

ON THIS DAY - Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (only the month and day). Choose and write down 3 events, 2 births and 1 holiday. Then tag 5 friends.

1909 - Alice Huyler Ramsey, a 22-year-old housewife and mother from Hackensack, New Jersey, became the first woman to drive across the United States. With three female companions, none of whom could drive a car, for fifty-nine days she drove a Maxwell automobile the 3,800 miles from Manhattan, New York, to San Francisco, California.

Wouldn't that be fun? I'd love to throw three of my friends in the car and drive cross country! Oh the trouble we'd get in.

1934 - Donald Duck debuts in The Wise Little Hen.

Donald is my husband's favorite cartoon character!

1978 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opens the priesthood to "all worthy men", ending a 148-year-old policy excluding black men.

It's about freakin time! Although I don't think I've seen many black Mormon priests.

1983 - Alektra Blue, American porn star
I believe they got the date wrong. I was born in 1975!

1963 - Johnny Depp, American actor
We ARE soul mates!

1956 - Patricia Cornwell, American author
My absolute favorite author!

The only holiday
Roman Empire paganism - third day of the Vestalia in honor of the goddess Vesta

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Summer said...

I don't have to look it up -- I know that my birthday is Ethiopian New Year. I think that's pretty cool, especially considering how famous my birthday is for a certain historical event.

It's September 11.