Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I fell off the wagon

Pretty much any wagon I could fall of, I did. Except the one that Lindsay Lohan fell off. I'm good on that.

I've fallen off of the blogging wagon. I took my time off and now I'm having a hard time getting back on. Part of it is my blogging guilt. I feel bad posting something new when I haven't read all the entries that my friends have posted over the last few weeks. I have to admit that I'm trying to get caught up, but it's overwhelming. I subscribe to 85 blogs. That's a lot of reading! For some reason I feel guilty pressing "mark all as read" or writing a new post that I know will solicit comments when I haven't commented in weeks. But, I'm just going to push on. I'm sorry that I missed your recent posts. If you have one that I should definitely read, like say, you named a child after me or you declared a special day just for me, then let me know. I'll definitely look it up. I have scanned some posts from previous days, but didn't take time to leave a comment. For that I'm sorry. If I try to start from scratch, I think I'll do better.

I've fallen off the weight loss/control wagon. Although, I jumped back on on Monday. I started a new 12 week Body for Life challenge. I worked out on Monday, and I'm still feeling it! I am so sore. I've been doing well on my eating too. No sweets and limiting carbs. I'm not following the eating part as much this time as I went four months without watching my eating or exercising and only gained back two pounds. My goal is to lose eight more pounds, but really, I just need to tone up and feel better. I really noticed a difference when I ate crap all the time. I just didn't feel very good.

I've fallen off of the savings wagon big time. I really went overboard this Christmas. I got a lot of good deals, but I still bought way too much. And I went out the day after Christmas and bought a TON of new stuff for next year. Including my white tree. I'm so excited. It will now mean that we have three full size trees and numerous smaller trees. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. But, I'm getting back on that wagon too. Starting with not eating out and not buying anything online. I know I can do it. I'm thinking about putting a deposit down on a cruise for next year. That way I'll be forced to curb my spending and have something to look forward to.

But, there is good that's come from my break too.

I've become addicted to the Wii. Seriously. We have such a good time as a family playing it. It's just so fun. We play a lot of board games as a family, but this is so much more interactive. It's tons of fun. We just got two more remotes for a total of four so that we can all play at the same time.

I spent a lot of quality time with my kiddos. I was off for almost their whole break. We had fun playing with their toys and reading their new books. We went to Chuck E Cheese and had a "fancy" dinner on New Year's Eve. We visited a lot of family and had a lot of fun.

I started a new family website. I don't give my family the link to my blog because sometimes I need a place to vent about them. And I don't want to feel the need to censor myself. So I started a family page for pictures and videos and journal entries. My family is all on the East coast, besides my parents, so I think it'll be fun for them to be able to check in.

So, I'm getting back on my wagons. And going to go better than ever. Thanks for sticking around!


CamiKaos said...

I hereby excuse you from reading all blog posts written prior to 01-09-08.

I have that kind of authority you know.

Good luck with your wagons babe.

Corey~living and loving said...

you know...I had so much guilt clicking the "mark all as read" buttons whenI got back from a week long vacation, but the stress of all I had to read was killing me, and I was in fact getting more behind. ugh.

You need to sew some velcro on your wagons, and wear corderoy pants. that might help! wink wink...

mielikki said...

It's a new year, starting over is allowed. Besides, you got a pass from the all powerful CamiKaos. What more do you need?

Stephanie said...

I love Corey's suggestion! :) In my world, wagons are made to be fallen off of.

Keara @ Now I Know... said...

So glad you had a good break with your kids. I wanna check out that Wii. Sounds fun!

And yeah... I have really fallen off of the wagon.

Mary Ann said...

I know exactly what you mean. It drives me crazy when my google reader is all full. I do keep getting more and more behind if I don't just mark all as read. I fell off the weight loss wagon too over Christmas. Oh well. I am definitely back on now and it feels good to be back in control. I think I ate everything in sight over the last few weeks, and that is NO JOKE!

The Dairy Wife said...

Welcome back! ... and I'm glad you're back!



My dear...glad to see you back...and you have been granted amnesty....don't worry about it...New Year...New Posts...we all still love ya!

Bubblewench said...

mark 'read' as much as you want.. i'm no excitement!

Glad you had such a great time with the kiddos, and I warned you about the Wii... yes, it's addictive! And so damn fun!

Who cares about wagons when you always have your feet to keep going.

holly said...

lori, i'm very offended. every.
i say is just packed with rich tasty important goodness.


we all need breaks.

it's a pity we didn't catch you earlier. some of us formed a "choconots" group. we're not having chocolate all through january, to regain control over that beast.

btw, if i have another child, if it's a boy, i'm not naming it after you, if that's okay.

DaddyKaos said...

This is my first visit (via CK). I'm retired and I don't have seem to be able to find the time to read the few blogs (or write them daily)I have been looking at. I don't know how working people keep up with anything.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh friend. I HEAR ya on the blog guilt. Like Corey, I eventually just have to mark all is read and move on with life. I haven't been to my G Reader in weeks. I'm scared to go back there, so I have just been clicking off of my blogroll. Is that weird?

I totally excuse you from going by SortaCrunchy because the only thing I have been talking about is cleaning house. Don't worry about anything of substance from me until at least a week from now. ;)

PS - I want a Wii!