Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Picture Wednesday

We've had a busy week!

The boys got new jammies!

Carissa played in the last band concert of the year.

Jocelyn had the chicken pox!

Carissa got her Girl Scout awards. She earned the Bronze Award this year. Tomorrow she will be bridging to Cadettes.

Jocelyn learned a cute new face.

And she learned that self feeding is FUN!


Sara said...

Great pics Lori! Jocelyn is getting so big! I hope she's getting over the chicken pox! Poor thing. Yeah on Carissa bridging over to Cadettes! The boys look so cute in their new jammies!

Megan said...

Oh WOW! That is QUITE the week, mama. Poor Jocelyn! I hope she is on the mend. Love her adventures in eating. :) And YAY to Carissa! What a big week for her, too, huh?
The boys are SO. STINKIN. CUTE!!!

Corey said...

Chicken pox?????? eeeekers....was she immunized or did you opt out?
I hope she is feeling better soon!

Helen said...

LOVE the cute new jammies and Jocelyn's new face! Congrats on Carissa going on to Cadettes and her last band concert. Is she playing flute next year?

Laura said...

Awww, love the boys in their jammies, and Jocelyn's new face too! And it sounds like Carissa had a great week!

Meghan said...

That first pic is my favorite - too adorable!

And, poor Jocelyn! I hope she gets over the pox very quickly.

Ingrid said...

Love the pics and the weekly update. How cool the pic of Carissa in concert. And I can't even tell that Jocelyn has the chicken pox!

Nichole said...

OMG! Chicken Pox?!?!? I bet that was fun, poor baby. I hope she's all healed up!