Thursday, May 17, 2007

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This question has been plaguing me for 30 years. I just don't know. I was taught that I could do anything, be anything. That leaves a lot of possibilities! The world is such a big, wonderful place that I'm not sure I can decide. I have so many interests and hobbies that anyone of them could develop into a career. It seems like every time I "plan" to take a career path something life changing happens and I go down a different road.

My original plan was to become a Medical Examiner. I was going to go to medical school and major in forensic pathology. Except that I started goofing off my senior year of high school and my parents informed me that I needed to move out and there were no funds for college.

Next, I thought I'd become a nurse. Preferably a pediatric nurse. I got as far as my nursing assistant certification and became pregnant. At this point I couldn't afford to go to school full time, I needed a job. So, I settled at a bank and later at an insurance agency.

Then, I thought I'd become a Crime Scene Investigator. In the same field as a Medical Examiner, but much less schooling. I really enjoyed the classes that I took and thought it was definitely the job for me. But, in one of those classes I met my future husband. We started dating and then moved in together. Three classes away from my degree he was offered a job with the Border Patrol and had to move to tiny, godforsaken Ajo. I had a choice: follow my career choice or follow my heart. I chose my heart.

If you've ever been to that tiny little border town you know that there is NOTHING there. Literally nothing. No name brand stores, no fast food, no hospital, NOTHING! It looked like I'd reached a dead end. I tried to take some online classes, but it was too difficult and wasn't leading anywhere. I was lucky enough to get a job with the government in criminal justice. It was in juvenile probation. I liked it, but then we transferred to Tucson.

When we got to Tucson I wanted to transfer within the government. So, I applied for and got a job as a Judicial Administrative Assistant. This is what I do currently. But, I am now in need of making another change. My judge will retire in three years and I don't know what I'll do with myself. I work part time right now, which I truly love. I'm sure I could find another job in the court, but it would probably be full time and I'm not sure this is the career I want.

Here are some ideas I've toyed around with:
open a bakery
open a spa
make wedding cakes from home
open a franchise, like Cold Stone Creamery
interior design
legal transcription

The possibilities are endless! Good thing I have some time to "get my ducks in a row".
I think I'll just teach my kids that they can only become doctors. Then they won't have the stress of trying to decide what to be!

Of course, I'm just kidding!


Anonymous said...

I love all your ideas. I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up. Follow your heart

Meghan said...

I think you'd be an amazing midwife.

Thing is, I think you'd be amazing at just about anything you put your mind to.

If you open a spa... I'm SO there!

Corey said...

You last line killed me! :) I say aim high! :)
Loved this post. So interesting to see all the different things you have done in so few years. I hope something just presents itself as the right answer soon! :)

Megan said...

I think you would be a FANTASTIC midwife!! You have such a nurturing and encouraging spirit about you. Plus, from your career choices, it sounds like a little blood, etc., would not bother you at all.

Or what about a doula? Again, I think you would do awesome.

And of course I love the Cold Stone idea. YUMMY!

Mandy said...

You'll be wonderful at whatever you choose, no doubt about that! And God will lead you somewhere just as He did all the other times :)