Tuesday, May 22, 2007

She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb

I just finished reading this book for book club. I really liked it. I'm not much of a literary aficionado, give me a mystery or love story anyday. But, I understood a lot of the symbolism in this book. Usually I just read because I enjoy the story.

I'll never forget English 102. My teacher was about 80 years old. She loved to have us study poems to find "the real meaning". I never understood why the author didn't just right what he meant. This particular teacher thought that ALL poems were about sex. Every single one we read would lead back to sex. It was very weird. The class would have all of these other theories, but she would always tell us we were wrong. Who was she to say? Did she know the author? What if he was just admiring the flowers and wasn't thinking of taking someone's virginity?

Anyway, in case you haven't read the book, it's about Dolores. The book starts when she is a young girl. A series of events happen (her mother has a miscarriage, her parents divorce, her mom enters a mental hospital, she moves in with her grandmother) to cause her to self-destruct through eating. The story follows her through her trials and tribulations. It's almost a self-help book in that I saw a lot of myself in Dolores. Sometimes you want to wring her neck and other times you want to cry with her. The most interesting aspect is that the book is written by a MAN!

Any suggestions for my next book?


Megan said...

That's one I have always wanted to read, but have never gotten around to!

Have you ever read Jennifer Weiner's "Little Earthquakes"? It's good.

(Oh yeah, as a former English major and then teacher, I can say that a LOT of poetic interpretations seem to come back to sex. Maybe everyone has it on the brain - even eighty year old teachers!!)

Meghan said...

Do you want something fun? Do you like thrillers?

If so, anything by Dean Koontz. His stuff is delicious.

Laura said...

I read that one awhile back and really liked it too! :) I don't always enjoy the Oprah selections, but this is one I appreciated.

I need to start reading something new too! Let us know what you choose!

Helen said...

I'll keep that in mind when I'm looking for my next book to read. I'm planning on doing a lot of reading this summer while lying out on my hammock as the girls play.

Jules said...

Hey Lori! I liked the book, some of it made me gag a little! Like when she is bingeing on the raw meat. Eww!

Have you read his other book, I Know This Much is True? It's about a set of twins, one of whom is insane. It's a looooong book, but totally worth it. I really liked it.