Saturday, May 19, 2007

Question Meme

If tomorrow you woke up with amnesia:

What do you think you’d do firstly?
Probably scream. And cry. I'm not sure what else I could do. Maybe find someone and see if they knew me.
Would you trust the first person who tells you, about you (like a family member)?
I think I would have to. It would be the only information that I had. And I'm a pretty trusting person to begin with.
You found out about a bad past.. would you still want to know who you really are?
Hmmm, maybe not. Depending how bad it was I'd probably just want to start over. I had a really shitty time in high school and moved after I graduation, I pretty much rewrote my life. Nothing is the same now as it was before (except my family). I guess I take opportunities like this to turn over a new leaf.
You fell in love with a foreigner from another country. would you take off with him/her and move on with your new life?
If I was truly in love, probably. Although, if I had any inkling that I had had children before the amnesia I probably wouldn't leave until I found out for sure.
Your memory’s back! would you go back to old habits, or start your life afresh?
Depdends what my committments were. If I had a husband and children then I would go back to them. If I was just a single person and had started this great new lift then I'd continue on that path.

If you are so inclined, answer these same questions in the comments or on your own blog.
Grey's Anatomy girls I EXPECT YOUR ANSWERS!

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Meghan said...


That's a tough meme. I would totally want to know about my old life, though.