Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another solarveil

So, since I didn't win Stephanie's solarveil ring sling contest, I've decided to enter Elizabeth's.

Elizabeth at The Whole Family is giving away a solarveil ring sling from AP Stitches.

It's funny how you meet people through blogs. I "met" Elizabeth through Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing. Elizabeth and I have such similar styles and beliefs. I bet if we lived closer we'd be great friends. And we both have boys named Xander!


Emily said...

Is a solarveil a sling you wear in the water? I totally meant to get one of those!

Anyway I really wanted to say GOOD LUCK with your new eating/exercise program!!! Please let me know if you have questions or just need support or a kick in the ass....I'm good for any of those things ;)

Elizabeth F. said...

The Solarveil is made of fabric that has SPF 30+ in the fabric. It is also more sheer and can be worn in the water because it dries quicker as well.

And, I also wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I drew your name for the Solarveil sling! email me at with your mailing address!!! Whooo-Hooo!!