Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Damn telemarketers

I swear, I don't know where they find these people. Actually I suspect that they find a lot of them in India now days, but I digress.

This morning I get to work. I'm trying to catch up on blogs and e-mail, you know, the important stuff. My phone rings. Usually it's not that bad. I'm the super smart girl in the office so usually I can get anyone off of the phone in seconds (I just refer them to the person that really knows what's going on). NOT TODAY!

I get some woman with a heavy Indian accent. I could barely understand her, but I did understand right up front that this had NOTHING to do with my job. Usually I can get telemarketers off the phone in seconds too, I just tell them this is a government office and they want nothing more to do with me.

But, not this biotch. And believe me, she was. She wants to ask me about all of the hundreds of computers in our building. Um, yeah, I don't work in IT. I have no fecking clue. I inform her of this, but she doesn't care. She tells me to just say, "I don't know" if I don't have the information. Um, ok, whatever, I'll play.

So here it goes:

Her: How many computers are at your location?
Me: I have no idea, hundreds.
Her: Ok, 100.
Me: No 100SSSSSSSS. Many more than 100.
Her: I'll make it easy on you and just put 100. (Easy on me? Whatever.)
Her: What brand are these 100 machines?
Me: There are more than 100 (under my breath) and I have no idea, mine's a Dell
Her: So all 100 machines are Dells?
Me: I have no idea, mine is a Dell, but I can't vouch for the rest
Her: SIGH (really loudly) are you planning to buy any more computers this year?
Me: I. Have. No. Idea. I don't work in IT.
More discussion regarding laptops, printers and copiers ensues. My answers remain the same. She is audibly getting VERY frustrated with me.
But, here's the kicker:
Her: Is your server located in your building?
Me: I.Have.No.Idea
Her: Let me make it easy for you, a main frame serves over 1,000 people and costs about $1 million a blah, blah, blah
Me: I.Have.No.Idea. I don't work in IT
Her: Look, I just need to have this questions answered.
Me: I don't have the answer and I really must go. HANG UP
Ring, ring
That crazy biotch called me back!
Her: Listen, I just need you to tell me. And she repeats really slowly what a mainframe is.
Me: I obviously don't have the information you need, I'm sorry. HANG UP
That crazy biotch calls me back, again!
Her: Please just answer the question
Me: I obviously can't help you. I already gave you the information to our IT department, they could have answered all of your questions. I don't appreciate you hounding me when I told you upfront that I didn't have the information for you. Now, I will be notifying them that they should not answer your questions because you are a crazy biotch.

What the hell gets into some of these people? Damn, she got me all hot and bothered so early in the morning. Not good for my blood pressure!


Corey~living and loving said...

WOW she was over the top pushy! holy cow!

mielikki said...

OMG. If I had one, I would have blown a loud whistle into the phone and then laughed maniacally at her screams. Then I would have hung up.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh! That's insane!

Ingrid said...

Sounds like someone commissioned to do a survey, to assess installed base and possible revenue opportunities to the company hiring their services. However, from what you are saying, they are doing a bad job of it. They should have gone to the IT department as the reliable source, instead of trying to force you to answer. That kind of hatchet job is part of what makes all these studies fraught with errors.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

We get about five telemarketing calls a week, I reckon. But I just say (very politely) that we're not interested and I ask them to remove my number from their database!

Troy said...

Ah, but the most important question remains:

"Were you totally satisfied with the level of service you received today?"


Unbelievable...the nerve! I would have asked to be placed on the Do not Call list...after the first call. Telemarketers are evil, I tell ya...EVIL.....

Jeff & Lisa said...

I am totally LMBO after that!! hahahahhahahahhahahaha

Becky C. said...

That reminds me I was just hearing that if you have previously signed up for the No Call List, it has to be renewed or once again these annoying people will be calling you during dinner time. And if yoiu have a new telephone number since the last time you registered you need to re-register.

The place to register is Do Not Call Registry


Meredith said...

I got one today as well, early in the morning too. Only mine was a credit card scammer, and I caught the miserable bi...atch so she hung up on me. Hey but at least I could understand her. Nothing scares me more than having to call SOMEWHERE for computer help. I know it's going to be a loooooong frustrating conversation. Oh well. Your story was funny.

CamiKaos said...

I can't believe she kept calling back!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my gosh! That is insane! The second time you should have told her not to call back, but who would have thought someone would have the nerve to call back a third time??? I would wonder if there was some sort of wrong doing going on, WHy do you need to know about our computers????? I think I should call the police now.

sybil law said...

You know how I feel about that!