Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Stupid genetics. Where do they get off deciding whether the two recessive genes get put in my DNA?

I mean, I have two brothers, why couldn't they get the flat boobs gene? It's not like they'd care. Or even the gray hair gene. They both shave their heads, what would they care if they went completely gray by age 30?

Who says I have to get that crap? Why couldn't I get my grandma's boobs? Or my grandfather's dark hair?

And I know they're the recessive genes because my lovely daughter got the dominant boob gene. And that royally sucks! Who thought it was a good idea for me to have smaller boobs than my daughter?

At least I did get a few of the good ones. I've never had acne. A pimple here or there, but nothing serious. And I got the high tolerance for pain. Like extremely high. It makes it easy to get tattoos and birth children with no medication. But, it can be a curse too. Because I don't even know when I'm sick because I can't feel the pain. When I finally feel it, I'm REALLY sick.

I do find it interesting how the genes get mixed up when you have children. Who would've thought that I would pass on the blond (soon to be gray) hair and blue eyes to all of my children, despite the fact that my husband is Hispanic?

What are your favorite genetic traits? Which ones do you hate


mielikki said...

Strangely enough, I like the "stubborn" gene that I got, probably from both my parents, and it is in no way recessive! It makes me very tenacious when I want to be :).
As far as the boobs. Sometimes, they are not all that great to carry around. . .

Troy said...

Thank heavens I have the healthy hair gene, which is something my balding younger brother seemed to miss.

Boob genes. Hilarious.

Elizabeth F. said...

I hate the "retaining fat around the mid-section" gene that I got from my mother. Ugh. I wish I could have a tiny wasitline. But, I do love the "go against the grain question everything" gene that I got from someone. Not sure from who. But, I do think it's funny too that I have reddish hair and my hubby has black hair and we have children with 3 hair colors: blonde, brown, and black. So funny. I don't know where the blondie came from!

Jeff & Lisa said...


I am totatlly LMBO about the boob thing!

holly said...

i clicked through from cre8buzz, and although i'm now rushing out the door because my husband has returned from the shop, allowing *me* to go out to starbucks (it's about togtherness...), i just wanted to say love the site. this is the worst comment ever, yes i know, but if i didn't *now* say i love your site, i'd have forgotten about it after the chais. i'm like that. a bit dim. it's genetic - i got it from my kids. :)
like the site!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooo, I love my good sense of humour gene, creative gene, stubborn gene,kissable lips, and erm, skinny ankles gene..

I hate my 'have to watch my weight gene, big boob gene, and frizzy hair gene.

Maybe we could swap a few bits??

Kim said...

Just found your blog thanks to cre8buzz. Love this post so i thougt i would "say it don't spray it" heehee!

I got the thick curly hair gene from my dad. Two out of 5 kids got and I am one of the 2. I thought it would be a great thing to pass on to my daughter but she got super straight, thin hair. Her dad even has thick wavy hair... so what the heck is that about anyway? My son got the curls, fortunately they only come out when his hair gets too long.

From my mom I got the little pot belly jean. No matter how thin I get, well used to be anyway, there was always that little "pot" that wouldn't go away. Never could wear tight shirts.

Kim @ TheBitterBall