Monday, October 29, 2007

An update of sorts

Carissa's game was fun. They lost 4-1, but played MUCH better than we expected. They need to work on taking a shot (they were too good about passing and forgot to take a shot if they could). And their defense needs to hustle a little more (there were quite a few break aways). But, overall, it was a good game. Of course, she acted like she hated every minute of it, but when doesn't she?

And I ended up taking the boys with me. They both heard us getting ready and woke up and cried because they wanted to go. I took them and they fought for the WHOLE game. And whined about being hungry and thirsty and hot. So, they will not be attending anymore games!

In other news we wrote up ten family rules this weekend. And posted them in plain view in the kitchen. Lately, we've been having real issues with sibling bickering. The older ones try to boss around and parent the younger ones. They purposefully antagonize each other. And we've had a lot of backtalk and whining and ungratefulness too. So, we implemented the rules and every time they break one they have to figure out which one it is, read it aloud and write it on a piece of paper. If they break the same rule three times in the same day they have to write it 10 times and lose a privilege. It seems to be working, for now.

Robert is on midnights and not doing too well. He doesn't get enough sleep and his eating gets all messed up. Making for a tired, worn-out daddy. I'm hoping he can get on some kind of detail that will put him back on a decent day shift. He doesn't like to work days in the field because his shift would be from 8am-6pm and you have to add an hour commute on each end. He would miss dinner every night, which he's not willing to do.

I have been very tired because it seems Jocelyn is going through a growth spurt, meaning she doesn't sleep at night. Even though I bring her in with me, she still flips and flops. This has been going on for over a week. But, last night seemed better, so hopefully she'll be back in her bed soon.

We went shopping this weekend and Old Navy already had their Halloween costumes on sale for half off. And I had a 20% off coupon (I am the queen of cheap). So, I got the kids the chicken, kangaroo and lion for only $9 each! Even if they don't wear them for future Halloween's, they're having a blast playing dress up. I may try to get some more costumes when they have the after Halloween sales.

This week we're trying a bunch of new recipes, so be on the lookout for the winners posted here. We're making Spicy Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, Meatball Soup and Spinach Gnocchi.


CamiKaos said...

I love the after Halloween costume sales. K loves dress up more than almost any other activity so I usually snag her a good costume or two and tuck them away for Christmas gifts.

Jen M. said...

Hey, found you via Bossy - another Arizona blogger! Yay!

mielikki said...

Sounds like you've been challenged lately. Working a night shift, I can empathize with your husband. I hope that things smooth out.
Oh how I wish my wee tiny town had an Old Navy. . .
the best we got is K-Mart (came apart.)

Jo Beaufoix said...

mmm put me down for some spinach Gnocchi, and I hope Robert's shifts get easier and Jocelyn's sleep improves. Lack of sleep is the worst thing isn't it?

holly said...

you're killing me. pumpkin spice is not something i can get at my local starbuckses.

and thank you very much, no old navy.

and then, spicy enchiladas. you tryin' to make me cry? is that what you want? you want tears?!

well, (sniff sniff), that's fine (sniff) you got 'em.

kidding. hey, so making them write the things over and over works? hmmm...looks like someone's got some writing to do, husband, i'm looking at you.

sybil law said...

What a great post! I get to look forward to recipes (mmmmm)! That sucks about the tired dad thing - been there - it is NOT fun. But I love the new rules for the kids - I should do that. I only have 1 and she's been killing me lately with the whining. I keep hoping it's just a phase!

Troy said...

I totally love that rules idea. I think I need to implement that, too! Thanks for the great post.


The after Halloween sales are the best times to get costumes/decorations for next year..In fact, Thursday...I plan on shopping for costumes for next year...for all of us..that way hubster can't back out of dressing up next year.
Night shift hubster works it, has for 7, he is tired and sleepy all the time..often grumpy and short on, I sympathize.
Can't wait to see the recipe post...sounds yummy!

Mom in Sahuaritaville said...

I love the "after" sales!

Can't wait to find out which recipes you're family liked!!