Saturday, July 7, 2007

Picture Saturday

Hanging with Daddy

Sharing some watermelon

Cosleeping. They both start out facing the right way, but sometime during the night this is what happens.

Fourth of July
Waiting for the parade
Breaking into the stash (you can see his little stash by his feet)
Watching the parade
First Otter Pop

Playing in the pool
Going down the slide by herself, which she LOVED!
Watching Tata play in the band
More Lovies
Jocelyn with Nana(MIL) and cousin Jessica
Jocelyn w/ the infamous FIL
Jocelyn with Great Grandma
More Lovies
And more
My kids and their cousins waiting for the fireworks

Watching the fireworks
Daddy and the squirmy babies

All pooped out!
Stupid Blogger won't let me put a title on this post!


Nichole said...

Yay!!! Love pictures of your sweet kiddos!!!

It looks like J is kicking X in the face!

Laura said...

I love all of the 4th of July fun! :) And that co-sleeping pic is the sweetest thing!

Mary Ann said...

The sleeping picture is adorable. I also wanted to say I love Jocelyn's sprially hair bow. Is that one that you made?

Corey~living and loving said...

I can't see them all, as my internet is a jerk tonight, but I saw the first 8 or so. :)
Adorable. Loved the sleeping one. :)

BOSSY said...

You're breaking all the Cute rules over here. No fair being that cute.

Elizabeth F. said...

I love the pics, especially the co-sleeping one! So cute! I just got back from vacation, so the Solarveil is in the mail today! Enjoy.