Friday, July 27, 2007


I just read this post over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. Here's more info: So Anyway

Now I'm all riled up! And it usually takes quite a bit to get me all riled up.

I think this is just ridiculous! I cannot believe that the big bad recording companies are SO freaked out right now that they won't even allow a parent to post a video of their child dancing to a song. Claiming copyright issues. What a load of crap! As some have pointed out, does this mean that you can't post a video of your first dance at your wedding? Can you not show a video of your child playing if they have a Nike shirt on? What about if you take a picture of your kitchen and happen to have a Campbell's soup can on the counter? C'mon! It's not like the woman was trying to share the song with the whole world for free. It's 29 SECONDS! Geez, I guess the whole Napster thing really ruined it for everyone.

I applaud her for suing them. I'm not usually one to applaud people for jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon, but someone needs to set these people straight. I hope she wins.

She'll be on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight if you're interested.


Eden said...

Thanks Lori. I dislike frivolous suits as well but there are times when I think a lawsuit is the way to go. This is one of them. Your support means a great deal to me. Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

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Becky C. said...

The record companies are fighting a loosing battle. They still want to keep their monopolistic tight rein. With iPod, etc. and with more than half the music now non-encrypted they better change with the paradigm or they will be history.


Scribbit said...

Pretty hard to believe it's come to that.

Elizabeth F. said...

wow! that's crazy!

Becky C. said...

Lori, on the spanking post--thanx for your opinion--and the issue of the authorities--when you get a chance would you please respond to my response.



Becky C. said...

Lori, sorry to communicate this way--but your story steams me up so much--I am Bullshit--but so glad it worked out-.

In Massachusetts I volunteered time defending parents in this kind of thing--and what the authorities do is an outrage.

Of course (opinion here) is they are inhibiting parents from doing the things that end up creating the JD's you see every day.

Please read my response AGAIN--would it be worthwhile in Arizona to do this type of work to protect families? Just wondering.

Maybe we should IM on this--I am ticked off.


Becky C. said...

I am sooooo pissed that parents like you would be investigated.

All you have to do is spend two seconds on your web page to know that you are exactly the kind of loving and devoted parents that I wish the country was filled with.

This whole "marks" thing is so stupid. As you know, kids get little bruises all the time.

I have given spankings with my hand and later seen palm prints.


I hope things change once we get the Boommers out of positions of authority.

They break up good families who are trying hard to do the right thing--and then there are all the dysfunctional ones that you run into every day in the courthouse.

But, one thing clear came out of my blogging about this--it is the cool Moms that spank--really.

And I am gonna keep mentioning it on the blog and every where else--because if the good parents quit being afraid to stand up and they keep promoting practices that make good kids and later good adults --then things have to change.

And I am going to look into the situation on government abusing parents over this in Arizona and get back to you!!!!!