Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am a hippie!

This is my oldest daughter's latest term for me. She thinks I am a hippie and has told all of her teachers and friends. Lovely!

At first I was mortified. My vision of a hippie resembles my mother when she was about 20 years old. The long flowing muumuu dress. Long straight hair parted in the middle. No makeup, no bra. Smoking pot while listening to Jimi Hendrix (yes, my mom did this). I was freaked!

I don't think she could be more wrong. I wear makeup and a bra EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have NEVER smoked pot! I don't really care for Jimi's music. And I haven't had long straight hair since I was 6 years old. And I sure as hell don't wear muumuus. What is my daughter thinking?

So, I ask the wise 12 year old. She says I'm a hippie because:
a) we eat organic food whenever possible
b) I wear my babies
c) I cloth diaper my babies
d) I let my babies sleep with me
e) I recycle
f) I try to reduce waste (no plastic water bottles, cloth towels in the kitchen)
g) we are getting a solar heater for our pool
h) I use natural products around the house, such as, tea tree oil and Mrs. Myers products

I guess there's a new definition of hippie! If this is it, then, YES, I AM A HIPPIE! To me, it's not all about global warming. There is so much hype and propaganda about the world being ruined, I'm not sure what to believe. But, if I can do my part and MAYBE help, then I want to.

We actually eat organic food because I'm afraid that all of the preservatives and pesticides may be what's causing ADD and other disorders. Having one child with this disorder I'm trying to do whatever I can to prevent the others from developing it. Plus, it's just healthier.

As far and babywearing and cloth diapering. They are just easy for me. They are both super cute too. And of course my 12 year old enjoyed my philosophy of co sleeping when she was 2, but she has forgotten that!

I do recycle when I can. Our town doesn't have the best recycling program and I try not to use many things that need to be recycled anyway, but if I have something that can be recycled, I do. On that note, I try to reduce waste. We have dramatically cut back on our use of paper plates and paper towel. I try to use items that can be washed instead of thrown out. We use reusable 5 gallon jugs for our water.

We are getting a solar water heater for our pool. It is actually the most economical choice and we get a tax credit! We are also looking into renting solar panels for our homes electricity. It's too expensive to buy them, but to rent them is just about the same cost as our monthly electric bill.

As far as natural products, I just like them better. I use mineral makeup and other natural items around the house.

The one thing that totally grosses my daughter out and makes me a complete hippie is the fact that I am the new owner of a Mooncup. It is similar to the popular Diva Cup, but it's smaller. A friend of mine loves hers and I've decided to give it a try. I used to use Instead, but for some reason stopped and went back to ordinary tampons. I actually haven't used the Mooncup yet. I am looking forward to it (yes, I am a weird hippie). I have a feeling I will like it very much. But, my daughter was absolutely MORTIFIED when she saw it in my bathroom.

So, yes, I am a hippie. And I am now proud of it. Just don't ask me to stop wearing makeup and a bra!


Corey~living and loving said...

LOL this killed me. My DH thinks I am a hippie too. Add Extended breastfeeding to the list of things that makes a person a hippie these days! :)

Fun post! I enjoyed it.

Sahuarita said...

Lori, you're such a hippie!

Send me the information about renting solar panels. PLEASE! I didn't know you could do that.


Laura said...

I LOVE it! Heck, if this is what a hippie is, then I think I'm pretty hippie-ish myself!

Also makes me wonder how my daughter will label me when she's 12...EEK!!

SortaCrunchy said...

Say it loud and say it proud, mama! LONG LIVE THE (NEW) HIPPIES!!

I would hold that label in the highest esteem.

And I definitely wear a bra and (mineral) make-up everyday. Well, when I am out and about in public anyway. ;)

Stephanie said...

I'm right there with you, sister!

Mary Ann said...

LOL!!!! Great post!

Becky C. said...

Oh yes--my Mom was something of a hippie also (ssshhhh--don't tell anyone but I am the one who is the occasional pot smoker)--and it was sooooooooo embarassing:)

Thanks for setting me straight on "gullies"--I did know the term "wash"--but this one is smaller than the ones I have seen labeled "wash"--I have learned the local way of pronouncing Casa Grande:)

I do not think my daughter will be venutring in that little wash again and just might pay closer attention to her Mom's instructions.

But, although it was an exceptionally serious spanking, I really think there was a bit of drama involved when she wanted a pillow on her chair at breakfast--LOL


Becky C. said...

Oh--and the pillow was not approved--if there is actually any residual soreness (which I sincerely doubt)--we live with our consequences:)


Elizabeth F. said...

Oh that's hilarious!Tell you DD that you're not a hippie, you're a tree-hugger! If she really needs to label you. LOL! I've always wanted to try a Moon Cup, so let me know how that goes!

I wonder what my daughter will say of me in a few years.hmmmm....

Nichole said...

Aww. I swore I left a comment!

Funny, when I think Hippie, I think the same as Carissa!!! It's cool to be a hippie!!

Eric & Jess said...

Yep, me too. Dh tells everyone I'm a hippy. I honestly think cloth is easier!

I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up.

(from the eastside mommy board)