Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy happy joy joy!

Have you ever met someone that just rubs you the wrong way? You don't really have a good explanation why you don't like them, but you just don't?

I work with one of these people. The guy drives me crazy! He's so full of himself and how wonderful he is and all of the things he's accomplished in his life (he's 76). And he is super annoying. Like he'll say "hi" to each person that passes him 3-4 times each day! HE is super patronizing and overly helpful, but it's only so that he gets the kudos. He thinks he is super important, but half the time he doesn't even do his job correctly. No one can stand him, yet he thinks that the world revolves around him.

Yet, it doesn't! Thank God, my boss has seen the light and given him notice. She was just as annoyed as we were! Friday will be his last day. I only work until Wednesday, so I'll only have to deal with him until then. And to top it off it's Ladies Night Out at the Melting Pot on Wednesday.

What a wonderful week for me!


Becky C. said...

Yes with these people it is best to look toward the back and you will find a valve where the air can be let out.

All of your co-workers will worship the ground you walk on.


Becky C. said...


Your lack of appreciation of softball players is quite understandable (and it really is a "code word")--but you rock!!!

It is so ironic that "conservative" religious people sometimes look down on me--I am as conservative and traditional as they come. I even go to daily Mass!!! . I like Nascar and college football. Vote conservative, often Republican,except when they are total dolts. Spank my kid... and so on.

But most people really do not look down on me personally--it just when they are presented with the gay thing as a generality they have a problem.I even find this on quite a few of the parenting boards--

I am so glad you do not. So here is a hug:()


P.S. I am seriously thinking of doing something on the Parent's Rights thing--I am appalled by your story. Once I get a little more settled-- at the very least I am gonna start a website specific to Arizona where we can start bitching , plotting and see where it goes.