Sunday, July 15, 2007

Off again!

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog again! We all had this week off to recoup before the kids start school. We went to the waterpark and school open houses and shopping for clothes and supplies. Plus we watched some movies and did some all around family stuff.

Here are my Saturday pics (a few days late):


In her new birthday dress.
Daddy wanted to see what she's look like with dark eyebrows!

In other news, my good friend Megan at Sorta Crunchy has nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. I am honored! I don't think I give my blog enough time or attention to be deemed rockin'. Maybe it's because I have that awesome picture of my kids. Yes, I am a rocker. Yes, I did dress my four children (the youngest was just 3 months old at the time) as KISS for Halloween (my husband and I were the groupies). Yes, I've been to more rock concerts in the last 10 years than I can count. We just went to Chris Cornell a month ago! In that sense, I am rockin', so thank you Megan!
I believe I am supposed to nominate 5 people to also be deemed Rockin' Girl Bloggers. I nominate Elizabeth at The Whole Family. I have enjoyed getting to know her through her blog. I enjoy reading about her family and how similar they are to ours. Next, I choose CamiKaos
I stumbled upon her blog when we participated in a group writing project, and I've been hooked since. She has such humor in her writing. And she writes about the everyday things in her life and makes them funny and interesting. I love her style. I must also nominate Susan who I actually know "in real life". She is super rockin'. She is smart and funny and practices AP parenting. I just love her! Next, I nominate Nichole at Ornery Musings . She IS rockin'. She is a super wonderful teacher, mother and wife. And her husband plays music, so she must be rockin'!
Last, but not least, I nominate my good friend, Devon . She is damn funny. I WISH SHE WOULD BLOG MORE OFTEN (hint, hint)!
Thank you so much to Megan for nominating me. It validates my random incoherent musings!


Ingrid said...

Love the pics. The waterpark looks like it was lots of fun. Jocelyn is so cute in her birthday dress, and the last picture mademe smile.

Elizabeth F. said...

Oh Wow! I'm honored! and so excited...thanks! Now, do I nominate 5 people as well?

Andrea said...

WOW! What a fun waterpark, the kids look like they really enjoyed it. Seems odd that the kiddos are heading back to school already, I assume they are on a year round schedule. I'm really hoping that Caden is in a year round school too!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Look how fun! I don't normally do waterparks, but that one looks like a blast. And Jocelyn! Could she be more darling?!?!

Great list of five for the award - can't wait to check these out!!

Nichole said...

LMAO at Jocelyn's eyebrows!! Leave it to daddy!!!

I want to go to a waterpark sooo bad, it's hasn't really been hot here though.

Thanks for the nomination!! I think you rock too!! I sooo would've picked Devon too, lol!

Susan said...

Aww, thank you! I think you're pretty rockin' too :D